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A coach, a friend, a mentor, a motivator... During my 4 years of running, Has Kesra changed me from a very stiff heavy runner to a lighter stronger faster version! He always managed to instill in me great determination, motivation and self-discipline in order to fulfill my potential with gradual and continuous improvement.

I have been running for less than two years and had no previous sports background. Has's coaching techniques have proved to be way more superior to previous trainers and programs I had followed in the past. Less injures, improved biomechanics, greater endurance and improvement in personal records are only the start of my success story. I would definitely recommend Has's expertise to anyone taking up this wonderful sport.

I have come across many coaches and physicians associated with running in my lifetime. No one connects all the dots with history, science, and practical application like Has Kesra does. I look forward to his frequent posts, which are referenced with science and applicable to all my running.

Has is a great coach that knows his sports area like the back of his hand, he is approachable and always there to help. A coach that cares about the athlete’s personal life as well as his athletics targets. In short a great coach and a great friend.

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